Year 11's

To all our Year 11 pupils, thank you for the five years that we have spent together.  This unprecedented situation can never take that away from you, despite the shock of your GCSE examinations not taking place.  You are part of a global historic event, this is something you will always share and remember.


Whilst you may not have the opportunity to take your GCSEs, you have achieved so much over your five years.  You have shown you are able to overcome personal challenges and obstacles in order to keep trying, engage in learning, make academic progress and grow into young people we are all proud of.        


You now need to look forward to your next steps whether that be further education, training or employment.  Use this additional time to explore what resources, opportunities and experiences are available in relation to your chosen subjects and interests.  We can help support you with this.  Keep working and stay focused, you are ready for your next chapter.    


We are disappointed that for reasons of safety we have not yet been able to say a proper goodbye.  Lakeside School will be exploring how we can do this in the coming weeks.                                         


So, please stay safe through these troubling times and once they are over, make the most of the opportunities that life will throw at you.

'Engage & Learn'        

Headteacher: Mr Gareth Evans