Hello, my name is Mr Sim.  I am the Deputy Headteacher.  I help the school to run smoothly.  I also teach History and PE.  I enjoy sport and so I always look forward to taking the PE lessons.

Hi, I'm Gareth.  I am an Assistant Headteacher.  I also teach history to all year groups at Lakeside.  In year 7 you will learn about the Norman Conquest, the Magna Carta, the Black Death, the Wars of the Roses, Henry VIII and much more. 

Hi, my name is Mike and I am an Assistant Headteacher.  I also teach ICT.  In ICT, we have a lot of tools you will be able to use in lessons including Micro Bits and Lego Robotics.  You can also use the ICT room during break times if you have earned your points.  In year 7 we learn all about computers, Hardware, Software and how they communicate. We also spend time taking a computer apart to learn about the various parts, but the tough part is being able to rebuild it.

Hi, my name is Jeremy.  I teach maths, geography and I am also in charge of offsite activities.  I am also one of the school governors.  I Hope you are well and I look forward to meeting you soon. 

Hello, I’m Kathryn.  As Family Support Worker/Home Tutor, I work with pupils and their families to help make sure their time at school is positive and enjoyable.  I also edit the school magazine so you’ll often see me round the school hunting for interesting stories!

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Hello I’m Shannon.  I am a school social worker at Lakeside.  I am here to help you and your family with anything you need to make your life in school safe, happy and successful. I work with pupils around things like emotions, friendships and healthy lifestyles but please feel free to come and see me to talk about absolutely anything!

Hello my name is Jen and I am one of the school social workers at Lakeside School.  My role is to make sure you feel happy, safe and able to do your best in school.  I will be meeting all new pupils to help you have the best start at Lakeside.  If you have any worries or questions about starting school please let me know.

Hello!  My name is Laura.  I am the Literacy Lead and am based in the Library.  I help pupils improve their literacy skills.   If you have difficulties with reading, spelling and understanding we make a personalised literacy plan for you, using a variety of computer programmes, educational games and writing and spelling programmes. 


The Library has a huge range of books.  If there is a particular topic you are interested in, we can order books for you.


To encourage pupils’ reading, writing, speaking and listening skills we organise visits from birds of Prey, exotic animals, authors, farm animals, pantomime and much more!

Hi, my name's Rich. I teach Geography and Science.  In year 7 Geography we will be looking at physical features such as rivers, mountains and coasts.  At break time, you can find me on the playground organising a football match and showcasing the most insane skills you'll ever see......

Hello my name is Adam and I teach Maths at Lakeside school.  As a Year 7 student you will learn new exciting things about Numbers, Algebra, Statistics and Geometry.  I'm looking forward to seeing you in September

Hi, my name is Ellie. I will be your main Science teacher, when you join us at Lakeside school. Our science lessons will help you to develop your problem solving skills and to access practical work.

The boys at Lakeside enjoy their Science lessons for different reasons but most of them say the practical work is fun and they particularly enjoy learning about interesting and sometimes mind blowing topics. We’re looking forward to welcoming you and helping you to develop your own love for learning in Science, so you make excellent progress.

Hi, I'm Dawn and I teach English. In English we learn how to write poetry and how to write a debate.  We read ‘Harry Potter and the Philosophers Stone’, ‘War Horse’, ‘Oliver Twist’ and we learn about Shakespeare.  I look forward to meeting you all in September.

Hi my name is Morag and I have been at Lakeside forever!!   I am the Lead Learning Support Assistant.  Myself and the LSA squad at Lakeside will support you during lessons and in lots of other ways in school. You will see me in lessons like PE (my favourite!) and around the school.  During the lunchtime break you will see me out on the playground joining in with the football. BEWARE, I'm pretty good at football!  I look forward to meeting you all soon.

My name is Claire and I teach in the food technology room.  I enjoy showing pupils how to prepare and cook homemade meals with delicious puddings.  I hope you enjoy cooking and baking as much as I do!  Looking forward to meeting you all.

My name is Kelly and I am the head of Physical Education. We take part in many sports throughout the year, including football, basketball, dodgeball, badminton, table tennis, trampolining and rounders’.


We are involved in competitive matches throughout the year against other schools for football, basketball, athletics and swimming.


Looking forward to meeting you all in September!

Hi my name is André.  I teach English and Geography.  I encourage reading at every level. We enjoy outdoor learning. We often take our students through quiz circuits and word challenges which are fun and stir friendly competition. I believe every child is capable of achieving greater than he thinks he can.

Hi, my name is Linda and I teach three subjects.  You will see me for Music, PSHE and RE.  In PSHE you learn about your own development from a child to a young adult, looking at physical, emotional changes and your changing rights and responsibilities.  In RE we look at different cultures and religions in the world and how other people think and feel based on their own beliefs.  In Music you will listen and analyse music, learn to talk like a musician and perhaps to play the Ukulele, guitar and/or drums.  My classroom is often open during breaks so you can have a place to come and chat or practice your chosen instrument.


At Lakeside all meals are prepared on site by our hard working catering team, Jo our Head of Kitchen, Jo the Assistant Cook and Jen the Kitchen Assistant. We offer breakfast in the morning – toast and fruit juice - when pupils arrive at school, freshly baked filled rolls at break-time if you have earned tuck from the previous day.  Lunch is a 2 course meal, all of the meals are homemade, nutritious and healthy.

For more information about the meals at Lakeside please click here

Hi, my name is Justin and I am the Art teacher.  I love everything about art and creativity!  All our lessons aim to help you improve your skills, experiment and enjoy art.  Art helps us understand the world around us and express who we are.  We try lots of different methods and visit museums and galleries as we bring our visual ideas to life. I look forward to meeting you soon.

Hi, We’re Becky and Melissa and we run the Horizons unit at Lakeside.  The Horizons unit gives extra help and support to pupils who have autism.  We look forward to meeting you.

Hi, I’m Melonie I work in the IT department.  I’m here to help you with any problems that you might have with the computers and equipment in school.  I have been known to carry ‘fairy dust’ around with me as sometimes problems just disappear when I walk in to the room! 

I am looking forward to meeting you all in September.

Hello, we are the admin team.  Ami and Michelle work in the front office so you will see us if you ever come to the main reception.  We welcome all visitors to the school and answer all the calls.

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The Boarding House Team

The boarding house is open four nights a week (Monday to Thursday) during term time.  The boarding house is for boys who would like to stay with us and have help with living skills, making friends and trying new activities.  Boys can stay from one night to four nights a week.  Linda is the Head of Care and can show you around if you would like to find out more.  Let Jen know if you do. 

Hi I’m Beverley! I am the Year 6 teacher at Lakeside School. If you are joining us in Year 6 you will be in my tutor group, 6BM. I look forward to meeting you soon!

Hello, my name is Mr Evans.  I am the Headteacher of Lakeside School.  We have an excellent school staff team and you can start to get to know them here.  I look forward to meeting you in September.