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Our Location


Lakeside School is located between Winchester and Southampton, just off Junction 12 of the M3.  Situated on a pleasant campus, it is adjacent to Thornden Secondary School.

The School is ideally located to access the facilities of a large urban area whilst enjoying the benefits of a semi-rural location.

The school is set in spacious grounds, has its own playing field, and a floodlit hard surface play area, a new purpose built sports hall the 'ASD unit, residential and independent unit.

'Teach to Engage, Engage to Learn'

Values & Ethos

Lakeside School aims to support and encourage our pupils to do as well as they can and to help them develop skills they will need for the future.

We will give them extra help during the school day so that they can catch up on any schoolwork they may have missed.
If they are a resident pupil they are encouraged to learn how to mix with other pupils and to appreciate the benefits of working with others. We will help to them to share and co-operate, learn how to make and keep friends, and how to enjoy their days at school.

We work closely with parents and carers so that we can together help the pupils to build a happy and successful life.


National Curriculum

At Lakeside we follow the National Curriculum. Students have the opportunity to study the full range of subjects. In Key Stage 4 students are offered the opportunity to study a range of GCSE subjects, these include:

English, Maths, Science, Art, ICT, Humanities and Physical Education.

Entry Levels are taken in year 9 in English.

There is a strong emphasis on practical subjects and enriching the curriculum through activities such as sailing, cycling, canoeing, climbing, and all types of sporting activities alongside visiting artists, theatre companies and authors.

Behaviour System

The school has a behaviour management system that supports behaviour in a positive way. All students are set behaviour targets on a half termly basis. In lessons students receive points that reflect their behaviour and learning in lessons.


The accommodation houses up to 19 young people between the ages of 11- 16.  All the pupils have their own single bedroom. The sitting rooms, kitchens and bathrooms are shared by all.

There are staff around at all times to help, advise and mediate the pupils’ environment. Each pupil has a key worker who is responsible for their welfare and development whilst residing at Lakeside School.

We have recently opened our 'Independent' unit where older pupils are taught to budget, live independently and learn the skills they will need for the future.


Outreach Programme

We run an outreach programme working alongside local mainstream schools.  These programmes are run by our staff, advising on behaviour management strategies and pupil engagement.  Part of the programme includes respite and activities to re-engage the pupils who are experiencing difficulties.  This could be a team from Lakeside visiting the school or individual pupils visiting Lakeside on a regular respite basis. 

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