Physical Education

Pupils in year 7, 8 and 9 follow a broad balanced curriculum in PE that is split in roughly 6 week blocks of activity, During these years pupils are introduced to new sporting activities and they are taught to consider tactics, analyse performance and develop their playing skills and are made aware of the health and safety issues involved in physical education. Pupils have one single lesson a week plus a double lesson of P.E. They participate in hockey, basketball, trampolining, health related exercise, net games, athletics, rounders’, softball and football. All pupils are assessed at the end of each sporting activity.


Pupils in year 10 and 11 follow the GCSE syllabus which consists of 60% theory and 40% practical.  The practical element consists of being assessed in three different sports.

Pupils are encouraged to work towards higher skill levels in activities they have already experienced. The theory part of the course covers areas such as health and fitness, anatomy and physiology principals of training, factors affecting individual performance and participation, social and cultural factors affecting participation. At the end of year 11 they will then sit a 2.1/2 hour exam based on the theory.


Extra-curricular Activities

Pupils have the opportunity to be part of the schools sport teams including football, basketball, swimming and athletics. There are also opportunities to take part in blind football, multi-ball skills, racket skills, indoor activities, rock climbing, sailing and mountain biking.