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Members of the teaching and care staff are available throughout the twenty-four hours of each school day to help all pupils.


In the evenings the residential pupils are able to follow a variety of games, sports, hobbies, and interests. There are a lot of facilities at the school, and we also use the local leisure centres, cinemas, and clubs.


The boys work and play together in small groups. The staff help the boys to mix, share, co-operate, and be part of the group. We teach the boys the positive ways of making and keeping friends. We help them to interact positively with each other. We help the boys to appreciate the values, attitudes, and behaviours that will serve as a foundation for their future lives.

The following examples illustrate the activities and facilities that the residential pupils enjoy in the evenings:

  • Seasonal games and sports (Football, cricket, basketball, hockey and badminton)

  • Outdoor activities

  • Swimming

  • Indoor games/sports

  • Visits to local leisure centres, Calshot, Battlefields etc

  • Visits to cinemas, parks, libraries

  • Occasional day trips to centres of interest

  • Competitions with other schools.

  • Quiet activities in the House (TV, stories, board games)

  • Independent living skills

Independent Unit

The opening of the 'Independent Unit' helps older pupils to learn the life skills they will need.  They will be taught to budget, shop, cook their own meals, do their own laundry and all the essential things required to prepare them for independent living.

Statement of Purpose

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