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Careers at Lakeside is an intergrated programme linkng our specialist lead with the PSHE department.  Pupils are encouraged to plan their educational pathways and work towards implementing a full careers package in years 10 and 11.  Our programme meets all 8 GATSBY benchmarks and thus impacts the choices our students make in a positive manner.  All pupils are encouraged to apply for work experience in year 10 and support is given to find suitable placements.  All placements are run through Hampshire Futures ESH department.

Year 7 provides pupils with aspirational concepts of the working environment.

Year 8 encourages pupils to formulate ideas of career pathways based on their personalities, likes and dislikes.

Year 9 pupils begin to investigate careers through the career pilot programme and start interviews with Amanda from Hampshire Futures.

Year 10 focuses on work experience, employments and the law, employers expectations alongside college and apprenticeship options.

Year 11 supports pupils with the curriculum vitae (CV) their personal statements and college applications and visits.  Further they conclude their Lakeside interview with Hampshire Futures.


When pupils leave Lakeside they all have either a college placement, an apprenticeship of an SEN supported educational package.  Lakeside continues to follow-up on our pupils until they are 18 of further should there be the need, providing support and information as needed.

Throughout their integrated programme Wendy Higgins is available for group or individual support and continues to touch base with our pupils during their time at Lakeside.

Careers programme information is provided in accordance with Section 42a of Education Act 1997.

Website is reviewed bi-annually.



Contact: Wendy Higgins


Telephone: 02380 266633

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