Our aim is to actively encourage and inspire young people to take ownership of their career plans and to consider all options, so that they are able to select the best way forward for their interests, motivations, learning styles, abilities and aspirations.

To provide transparent, impartial and accessible information on:

  •  the resources allocated to, and the content and timing of, CEIAG delivered to young people.​

  •  local (and where appropriate national) education pathways, and labour market opportunities, for young people aged 14, 16 and post 18.

  •  expectations of collaborative partners; including employers, parents, other educational or training providers and careers professionals.

  •  the development of employability skills

  • To engage with labour market information (LMI) and the structure of the local economy and engage with local employers.


Year 10 and 11 will follow the CEIAG and Gatsby guidelines as below:

Contact: W Higgins


Telephone: 02380 266633