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Food Technology

Pupils will follow a carefully planned scheme of work throughout their years at Lakeside School, with the clear intention of providing them with life skills for their future independence as well as qualifications which they can take into future employment opportunities. Additionally, Food Technology provides important respite from the more intense academic subjects and allows those who are more practical learners to excel and feel proud of their achievements.

Lakeside pupils will initially be taught how to work safely within a kitchen.  They will be taught the importance of good food hygiene, whilst also producing an appealing product.  Our pupils will be given many opportunities to learn and practice a wide range of practical cooking skills and techniques to build competency and ensure that skills are retained for life.

Through a study of nutrition, pupils will gain knowledge on healthy eating allowing them to make positive food choices enabling them to live healthily into adulthood.  They will study the nutritional requirements of different groups of people and the importance of good eating habits. Pupils will be taught how to cook entire meals from scratch, which will assist in ensuring a balanced diet in addition to teaching them skills which will help them to manage a food budget.

At Lakeside we are lucky enough to grow some of our own produce which we are able to pick and use in the Food Technology lessons.

Having gained a solid foundation in basic cooking skills, pupils moving into Key Stage 4 will start to extend their skills with more complex recipes and skills, adapting to taste and to accommodate different dietary requirements.  Pupils will then undertake qualifications in Food Hygiene and Fire Safety which will be particularly beneficial to those intending to pursue a career in catering.

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