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Lakeside School recognises that the role parents and carers play in the development of their children's understanding of the world is vital.  
You have the most significant influence in enabling your children to grow into happy healthy adults. 

With that in mind, please find links below which may be of use to parents and carers.......

Worried about a Child's Safety?

Special Educational Needs Advice and Support:

Children Looked After

Lakeside School's Designated Teacher for Children Looked After is Jeremy Ord, contactable on the normal school number: 02380 266633.

Literacy Support:

General Parenting Support:

The school support managers have a collection of resources such as books and games that can be loaned out to families on request.

Young People's Mental Health Support:

Online Safety:

LGBTQ Support:

Year 11 & Beyond:


Adult Mental Health Support:

Other Support Needs:

Please feel free to contact the school's support managers if you would like to talk through any questions, worries or referral requests, we would be very happy to hear from you.

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