Friday 24 September 2021


Coffee Morning

Show Racism the Red Card’s annual Wear Red Day will be taking place on:

                     22 October 2021

2020 is behind us and we are a different people in this new year. We are stronger than ever before because we have come together in our common purpose. The advancement of the anti-racism movement. At its core is education.

From the worst comes our best.

The brutal world altering events of last summer pushed us to the front of the agenda and people started to speak meaningfully. These cannot become forgotten conversations. Without momentum there is no progression. Without learning the advantage is lost. Lives should not be ruined by racism.

Join us this Wear Red Day to add your support to the cause and your voice to the choir. We will not be silenced.

Change Hearts. Change Minds. Change Lives.


Here is the list of planned charity/awareness days for the next academic year