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Monday 18 January 2021 - INSET Day - CANCELLED


Headteacher's Welcome

I would like to take this opportunity to introduce myself as the headteacher of Lakeside School.

All of the pupils at Lakeside School have statements of Special Educational Needs based primarily on a range of emotional and behavioural difficulties. All of the staff are committed to providing an effective learning environment within classes of usually no more than eight pupils.

Our behaviour management system involves carefully selected rewards, clear consequences and consistency of approach that recognises individual pupil circumstances. Such a system is many times more effective when there is a close partnership between staff and parents/carers. Clear and frequent 2-way communication is vital if we are going to maximise the expectations, confidence and self-esteem of each pupil at the school.

The agreed composition of Lakeside’s Governing Body is five co-opted governors, one staff governor, two parent governors, one Local Authority governor and the headteacher. Governors are nominated by the Local Education Authority and governors co-opted by their fellow governors.  Governors take specific roles regarding Health and Safety, Safeguarding, Residential and assisting the headteacher with recruitment and finance. Governors are encouraged to visit the school during the school year and they play an active and supportive role in strategic planning and monitoring of the schools performance.

The residential house is staffed by an experienced and resourceful care team who work and liaise closely with all other staff. We offer weekly residential care for those pupils who require it and may benefit from this level of support.

The hardworking staff, our better-behaved pupils and helpful parents are together making ‘Lakeside’ an incredibly successful and pleasant school community.

Ethos & Values


Lakeside School aims to support and encourage our pupils to do as well as they can and to help them develop the skills they will need for the future.

We will give them extra help during the school day so that they can catch up on any schoolwork they may have missed.
If they are a resident pupil they are encouraged to learn how to mix with other pupils and to appreciate the benefits of working with others. We will help them to share and co-operate, learn how to make and keep friends, and how to enjoy their days at school.

We work closely with parents and carers so that we can together help the pupils to build a happy and successful life.


Gareth Evans - Headteacher

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Headteacher: Mr Gareth Evans